Kokoja: Is It A Loan App

Everyone is talking about kokoja but is it a loan app? Stay her for the answer.

Kokoja is now a trending search term in Kenya for people looking for loans online.

In order to come up with the truth about kokoja, I did my research and found out the following about the alleged loan app.
A banner of kokoja chocolate
A Banner of Kokoja Chocolate in Malaysia 

Kokoja is a chocolate flavoured kind of food popular in Malaysia and India. It is known to be a tasty melted chocolate food able to 'melt your heart' with sweetness.

Now let's get back to the question: Is kokoja a loan app?

From the description I gave above about the Indian and Malaysian chocolate flavoured food, kokoja is fat from being a loan app.

You can therefore not download kokoja loan app either from Google play store or from Apple app store.

We cannot therefore also talk about kokoja loan requirements, repayments and kokoja loan interest rates.

Now for those who have been asking for kokoja loan, don't ask this anymore.

In conclusion, Kokoja is not a loan or a loan app. If you're looking for mobile loan apps confirm with the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to see approved lenders.



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