JayKe Loans Reviews in Kenya

JayKe loans is trending online and that's why my readers have been asking for information about the lender. 

If you're one of them don't worry  because in this article,I will be talking about JayKe loans ,apps and reviews.

But first,what is JayKe loans? For sometime again, many people have been receiving a lot of messages on their phones from a lender called JayKe loans.

So, from this information,we can say that JayKe is a mobile SMS loan where customers can apply via short messages. 

JayKe loan app download

There is no JayKe loan app for android or iPhone (iOS) at the moment.

I have not yet come across JayKe loan app APK files anywhere too at the moment.

JayKe loans reviews

Is JayKe loans legit? I can't say yes or no and this is because there's little information about JayKe loans out there.

In fact, when I did a search on different search engines including Google and Bing,still there was nothing of significance.

Until then, when I'll come across enough information about JayKe loans, I'll update but for now let's all wait.

As always, remember not to pay any fees to get online loans. It's risky, because a lot of scammers are misusing the internet.

In conclusion, JayKe loans is something we're not familiar with at the moment.


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