Zenka loan limit 5000 in kenya

Zenka loan limit 5000 is the loan limit given by Zenka loan app to first time customers with good credit ratings.

What is Zenka? Zenka is a popular mobile loan app, a digital credit provider licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). 

Loan application is simple.
  1. Download Zenka app
  2. Register your account
  3. Borrow loans
Zenka banner
Zenka Banner
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Zenka loans normally ranges from ksh500 to a maximum of Ksh50,000 disbursed to qualified borrowers.

In some cases,some first time customers have such a good credit score that Zenka loan limit is set at ksh5,000 despite being a first loan.

Zenka loan limit 5000 is therefore not for everyone when it comes to the first time customers. 

How can a first time customer achieve Zenka loan 5000 limit? It is simple. One must have a good credit score and must upload his/her M-Pesa statements 

Any existing customer with a good repayment history can get a Zenka loan limit of 5,000 in a second,third, fourth,fifth loan application.

In conclusion, Zenka loan limit 5000 in kenya is a special loan limit awarded to the most qualified,first time customers.

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