Smart Kiosk Loans

Smart Kiosk loans are loans available to borrowers in Kenya both individual customers and businesses.

As the name suggests, Smart Kiosk loans are typically meant for small business (kiosk) owners.

The loans are provided by Kweli Smart a licensed digital loan provider by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).
Smart Kiosk logo
Smart Kiosk logo 

Smart Kiosk loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

Smart Kiosk loans limit can go up to ksh140,000 disbursed instantly upon approval.

This is for both individuals and for business owners in Kenya.

Smart Kiosk loans interest rate is affordable on a reducing balance and this is because Kweli Smart is a regulated lender.

How to apply for Smart Kiosk Loans

To apply for Smart Kiosk loans,you need to chat with the lender via WhatsApp number +254 20 2500081

Smart Kiosk loan app

At the moment there is no smart kiosk loan app. Application is via WhatsApp.

Business eligible for Smart Kiosk loans

Here are some of the businesses eligible to apply for smart Kiosk loans;
  • Mama mboga 
  • Duka
  • Gadgets shops
  • Small cafes - Kibandasky
  • LPG gas vendor 
Businesses which are not eligible include those run by governments and loans (credit) services.

Smart Kiosk loans customer care contacts

0791 578693
WhatsApp 020 2500081

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