Poa Cash: Download Ceres Tech Limited Loan App

Poa Cash App is owned by Ceres Tech Limited and used to be available on Google play store.

It was the only app associated with the newly licensed Digital Credit Provider available on play store but was short lived.

Here are some of the poa cash features present to borrowers;

Poa Cash loans Features 

Poa Cash loan amounts ranged from sh5,000 to sh50,000. The loan amount was to be deposited into the borrower's M-Pesa account upon approval.

What is the poa cash interest rates? The maximum APR was 24% .

Poa Cash loan app logo
Poa Cash App Logo 

Poa Cash loan app download and APK files 

Customers used to download poa cash loan app from Google play store and apply for fast loans.

Now poa cash is not available again on Google play store. Why?

Most probably because Ceres Tech Limited,the poa cash owner had some unsettled issues with the regulator - CBK.

Now that Ceres Tech Limited is licensed,we hope to see poa cash back on Google play store.

Poa Cash Loan App APK Download

Fortunately,there is Poa Cash Loan App APK file which is available on poa cash website - poacash.com/poa.apk

You can consider to download the app via the link provided above.

Poa Cash Loan Payment 

Loan payment was done via the app or via M-PESA paybill. Most probably this is what is going to happen when the app is back live.

Just like other loan apps, poa cash used to reward customers who pay loans early with high loan limits.

Poa Cash loan customer care contacts

To get help from the lender, customers used to use the WhatsApp number below! 

WhatsApp: 0742736389

In addition, all customers used to get help from within the app via the chat feature.


Now that Ceres Tech Limited is licensed,we highly hope poa cash app will be live again on Google play store.

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