M-Shwari loan app

Can one download M-Shwari loan app? In this article I will be talking about M-Shwari loan app.

What is M-Shwari? It is a savings and loan service available to M-Pesa users who choose to opt in.

M-Shwari loans ranges from ksh1000 to Ksh50,000 at first but the amount can go up to Ksh1,000,000.

But can a customer download M-Shwari loan app from Google play store? Is there M-Shwari loan app APK file online? 

M-Shwari loan app download

You can not download M-Shwari loan app. In fact there's nothing like that. 

However,if you're looking to use M-Shwari services via an app, you can use the M-Pesa app.

M-Shwari is available within the M-PESA app as a mini app.
M-Pesa app screenshot
M-PESA app screenshot 


With the M-PESA app you can access all M-Shwari services including loans and savings.

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