Fibo loan app download

Fibo loan app is a mobile credit card and loan services provider in Nigeria.

Fibo loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loans from fibo can go up to NGN1,000,000 disbursed instantly and directly to your credit card.

Fibo loan interest rate is zero (0%) percent per year. 

Borrowers enjoy a 45 day grace period.
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Fibo loan app download

You can download fibo loan and credit card app from Google play store and create your account.

You can apply for credit anytime your account runs out of cash.

Pay fibo loans 

Loan payment is done from within the app. Fibo loan payment is from 45 days and up. 

Fibo loan customer care contacts

There are no fibo mobile phone numbers at the moment. 

Chat from within the app to get help from fibo customer care.

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