Unifi loans Zambia

Unifi loans Zambia is a fast and affordable loan facility available to borrowers in Zambia.

Loan application is done online via unifi website and if approved, a borrower can visit the nearest Unifi Zambia branch to collect the cash.

Unifi loans Zambia logo
Unifi loans logo

Unifi loans in Zambia ranges from K250 to K20,000 disbursed upon approval.

The loans are meant for the underserved,less previleged people in Zambia. 

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This involves even those previously employed.

To apply,visit unifi loans Zambia website, choose your loan amount and repayment duration and submit.

Unifi loans repayment duration is from 1 month to 7 months.

How can I contact Unifi loans in Zambia? You can visit unifi loans Zambia website for help.

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