Easy Loans Zambia without bank account,collateral

Easy loans Zambia are fast and affordable online loans provided by Twashuka Loans & Investment Limited.

In addition to the easyloan, Twashuka has other conventional loan products including Mortgage, Student loans and Cash Advance.

Easyloan product is also known as emergency loan.
Easy loans Zambia logo
Easy loans Zambia Logo

Easy loans Zambia features

The loan limits ranges from K5,000 to K40,000 disbursed within hours after making an application.

Easy loans Zambia interest rates is 
18% to 30% per year recalculated on reducing balance.

Loan repayment duration is 2 months.

How to apply for easy loans Zambia

Easy loans Zambia application is done online via Easy loans website.

You can also contact Easy loans customer care to get started.

Easy loans Zambia customer care contacts

Here are Easy loans Zambia phone numbers and email addresses; 

Address: Plot 7940, Dedan Kimathi Road
Suite S-33, Kambendekela House, Lusaka - Zambia
Address: Plot 1199, Buteko Avenue
Suite 1, MINET House, CBA, Ndola
 +260 211 235681 (Lusaka)
 +260 212 625893 / 0960994060 (Ndola)

 +260 977969470 (Easy Loans)
 +260 973778264 (BuildView)


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