Zillions Credit Limited Loan Apps

Zillions Credit Limited is a digital credit lender providing loans via loan apps in Kenya. 

The lender has several apps which are available on Google play store where one can download and apply for quick loans via M-PESA.

Zillions Credit Limited loans 

Depending on the app, the amount ranges from Ksh500 to Ksh80,000 .

Am going to give a list below of some of the loan apps belonging to zillions Credit Limited.

Zillions Credit Loan Apps Download 

If you're looking to get loans from zillions loan apps, try one or all of these apps; 

1. Zash Loan App 

This is the first Zillions Credit Limited loan app. Zash loan app gives loans from sh500 to sh50,000 at an interest of 25% maximum APR.

To access Zash loans, a person can go to Google play store, search for Zash loan app , download the app and install in your smartphone. 

Open Zash loan app and create your account and apply for loans.

2. Meta Loan App

Meta loan app logo
Meta loan app logo

Meta loan app loan limits ranges from sh1000 to sh80,000 at an interest rate of 48% maximum APR.

To get meta loans, you can go to Google play store search for Meta loan app, download and install the app into your smartphone. 

After installing thet app, create your account and apply for the loans.



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