3 Best Tuk Tuk Loans in Kenya

There are three best tuk tuk loans in Kenya and in this article I will be describing these and more.

What are Tuk tuk loans? Tuk tuk loans refers to loan facilities enabling riders own tuk tuks through a credit arrangement. 

In many cases with majority of the lenders,there's a deposit amount needed which averages ksh50,000 to be provided by the borrower.

On paying the deposit, a rider will be given the tuk tuk right away and then pay a certain monthly instalments as agreed with the lender.
Tuk tuks 

3 Best Tuk Tuk Loans

Now let me name and describe the best 3 tuk tuk loans you can find in Kenya. 

There are a lot of tuk tuk loans out there but these three lenders are specialized in providing tuk tuk loans and the include; 

1. Mogo Tuk Tuk Loans 

Mogo Tuk Tuk loan is one of the most popular tuk tuk loan in Kenya.
A customer can deposit ksh50,000 and ride away with Tuk Tuk of any brand provided it's in stock.

To get the Tuk Tuk Loans from Mogo,you will need to visit any nearest Mogo outlet near you and apply.

2. Watu Credit Tuk Tuk Loans 

Watu Credit (now Watu Africa) is another popular Tuk Tuk Loans provider in the country.

To get Watu Credit Tuk Tuk loan, you can visit any nearest Watu Credit outlet and apply.

Depending on the tuk tuk brand you want to take, you will be required to pay a certain deposit before getting the tuktuk.

3. Car and General Tuk Tuk Loan 

Car and General is another tuk tuk loans provider in Kenya.

Visit any car and general office in Kenya and apply for the Tuk tuk loans.

Some of the other popular tuk tuk loans in Kenya come from the following lenders; 
  • KCB Bank Tuk tuk Loans 
  • Cooperative Bank Tuk Tuk Loans 
  • Mwananchi Credit Tuk tuk Loans 
  • Equity Bank Tuk Tuk Loans 
  • Faulu Tuk Tuk Loans 
  • JoyInc Tuk Tuk Loans 
  • Premier Credit Tuk Tuk Loans 

Tuk tuk loans in Mombasa

Can I get a Tuk Tuk loan in Mombasa? Yes.

You can get the Tuk tuk loans from any part of Kenya provided that the above lenders have an office in that area.

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