Nairobi County Biashara Loan; How to apply for the Mini Hustler Fund Loan

Nairobi Biashara Loan is a loan facility targeting business owners within Nairobi county.

Also known as mini hustler fund ,the loan is specifically targeting people with disabilities,women and youths doing business in Nairobi.

Nairobi County Biashara Loan - Loan Limits, Interest Rates.

The loan amount will depend on the borrower's business or idea and the ability to pay back the loan. 

Nairobi County Biashara loan interest rate is between 8% and 10% which is affordable compared to other lenders in the market.

How to apply for Biashara Loan in Nairobi

Details of how to apply for the Biashara loans will be available soon.

Whoever wants to apply for the loan however,must be within Nairobi county,a youth,woman or person with disabilities and has a business or idea.

Approved Biashara Loan borrowers will be allocated stalls where they'll carryout their businesses.

Pay Nairobi County Biashara Loan

Loan repayment duration is fixed at six (6) months.

Borrowers are encouraged to repay loans to enable other borrowers benefit from the loan which is a revolving fund.

Nairobi County Biashara Loan customer care contacts

You can visit your ward offices to get help .

At the moment, there's no mobile phone numbers at the moment.

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