M-Kopa Electric Motorbike Loan

You can now get a M-Kopa motorbike loan if you're looking for a motorcycle financing. 

M-Kopa is not just giving ordinary motorbikes on loan. The bikes are Roam Air electric motorcycles.
M-Kopa electric motorbike on loan
Roam Air, the one provided via M-Kopa motorbike loan

How can one get mkopa electric motorbike loan? It is very simple to apply for a bike loan from M-Kopa.

How to apply for mkopa motorbike loan

Just like making an application for a smartphone,to get a motorbike loan from M-Kopa you must visit any nearest outlet or agent.

You'll be asked to provide your personal details and a deposit for the motorbike loan. 

After verification of your documents and deposit collection, you'll be ready to take home your new electric motorbike.

You'll then be required to pay the loan in installments - either daily, weekly or monthly - as agreed during loan application. 

Roam Air, which is the motorcycle being provided by M-Kopa is ideal for boda boda business.

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