Gava Mkononi App : How to apply for Loans today

Gava Mkononi App is an online platform where Kenyan citizens can access government services including loans.

In this article I will show you how to apply for loans via gava Mkononi app. 

Gava Mkononi App Logo
Gava Mkononi App Logo 

Gava Mkononi Loans 

What loans are available via gava mkononi app? There are two loan services available via the app and they include; HELB and Hustler Fund.

But before you can access the loans you must download Gava Mkononi App 

How to apply for HELB via Gava Mkononi App 

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) provides access to loans via gava mkononi app now.

This is new but a qualified student or parent can apply for HELB loans either first time or subsequent loans via the app.

One needs to create an account after downloading e-citizen gava mkononi app or simple login for those with e-citizen login details.

Check for the HELB section and choose to apply. There's a form for first time applicants and repeat or subsequent applicants.

Remember to attach all necessary documents and submit. 

You can then be checking your gava mkononi app for the response from HELB.

How to apply for Hustler Fund via Gava Mkononi App 

In addition to *254# and M-Pesa app, you can now access Hustler Fund loans via the Gava Mkononi App.

You can create your gava mkononi account or login if you already have e-citizen login details.

Find the MSMEs section to find Hustler Fund and apply. 

Hustler Fund has forms for personal individual loans, business loans and group loans. Select one and apply for hustler fund loan via the app.

Be sure to login to your gava mkononi app to see the hustler fund response about your application or simply wait for a notification via your phone.

In conclusion

Now it is important to know that the government of Kenya has made it easy to access government loans via the Gava Mkononi App 


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