Does Palmpay work in Kenya

Does Palmpay work in Kenya? This is the question I have been receiving from my loans blog readers and today am going to take my time to answer it .
Plampay logo
Palmpay Logo 

Palmpay (loan) app is an online banking super app meant to serve the whole of Africa but currently is operational in Nigeria. 

Being a banking app, a user will be able to do money to transfers, deposit or save money,pay bills,take loans among other things. 

Plampay is currently registered in Nigeria as a mobile money operator (MMO) by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). 

Now let's get back to our question. Does Palmpay work in Kenya? The answer is no. It doesn't work in Kenya. 

Efforts have been made though to ensure that Kenyans can use Palmpay. 

In collaboration with Tecno, Infinix and Itel mobile brands some mobile money wallets were created to help Kenyans do transactions with Palmpay users in Nigeria.

If you're a user of the above mentioned smartphone brands you can check for a mobile wallet which came pre-installed,activate it and see if you can transact with Palmpay users. 


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