Credpal BNPL loan app in Nigeria

Credpal BNPL loan app is a mobile money lending app which helps customers buy now and pay later for any goods in Nigeria.

Credpal BNPL loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

The minimum amount a customer can borrow is NGN100,000 and the maximum is NGN20,000,000. 

This means a customer can get goods worth the above mentioned amount and pay later via credpal.

Credpal BNPL loan interest rate is 83% maximum APR.

Credpal BNPL loan app logo
Credpal BNPL Logo 

Credpal BNPL loan app download

You can download credpal BNPL loan app from Google play store or from trusted online APK file sources and create your account.

Pay Credpal BNPL loans

Loan payment is done from within the app. Credpal BNPL loan repayment duration is from 60 to 180 days.

Credpal BNPL Investment

You can as well get a return if you invest via credpal BNPL Investment services.

Credpal BNPL customer care contacts

Phone number: 017007999
Credpal address: Lagos, Nigeria

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