Panda Africa Loans Zambia

Panda Africa is an unmatched quick loans lender in Zambia known for auto collateral loans, salary advance loans and more. 

Loans from Panda ranges from K1,000 to K25,000 to be paid within up to 6 months and at the lowest interest rates in the country.
Panda Africa Logo
Panda Africa Logo

Panda Africa Loans

The lender has several loan facilities all meant to help Zambians unlocked a world of opportunities.

The most popular loans provided by Panda Africa in Zambia include the following listed below; 

  • Auto Collateral Loans 
  • Salary Advance Loans 
  • Order Finance Loans
  • Civil Servants Financing
  • Poultry-Agri Financing 
  • Employee Product Financing
By approaching Panda Africa, a customer can finance anything for example agriculture inputs and equipment or household items and electronics.

Customers who own vehicles (especially cars) can get quick money loans against the vehicles.

Individuals who are employed are encouraged to ask for a salary advance loan before the end of the month payment if there's need.

How to apply for Panda Africa Loans in Zambia 

To apply for loans from Panda Africa, you can either call customer care or create your account on 

Choose from the list of loan products what you need at the moment and apply.

You can as well visit any nearest Panda Africa branch for assistance.

Panda Africa Loans Customer Care Contacts 

Panda Africa Office address: Lewanika Mall Woodlands,Lusaka, Zambia
Phone number: +260 962144063
Email address:

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