Quick loan Airtel Uganda

Quick loan Airtel is a loan service which enables customers to complete a transaction even with insufficient money balance in their Airtel money wallets. 

It is a form of an overdraft loan provided in conjunction with Housing Finance Corporation to customers to help them solve financial emergencies especially paying bills.

Quick loan Airtel is also known as wewole loan in Uganda.
Quick loan Airtel Uganda banner
Quick Loan Airtel Uganda Banner ( Photo Credit: Airtel Uganda)

Who qualifies for quick loan Airtel Uganda

To qualify one must be using an Airtel line (number) with an Airtel money account.

Quick loan however becomes available only if a customer has insufficient or no money at all in his or her Airtel money account. 

How to get Quick Loan Airtel in Uganda

To apply for quick loan Airtel,dial *185# and select wewole . If you're new to the service, you'll have to sign up by dialling the same USSD code *185# 

Upon successful registration, a customer will be given a loan limit before you can apply for the quick loan Airtel.

Quick loan Airtel limits, Interest Rates

Quick loan Airtel interest rate is 1% per day. In addition the lender charges 2% facilitation fee.

The Airtel quick loan limit depend on the customer's creditworthiness but is within the Airtel money transaction limits in Uganda. A customer can borrow many times as long as the given limit is not exceeded.

How to repay quick loan from Airtel 

You pay your loan by dialling*185# and select pay loan. Payment duration is a maximum of 15 days.


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