Mobiconnect loan app

Mobiconnect loan app is a fast mobile money lending platform which provides affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

Mobiconnect loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loans from mobiconnect range from a small loan limit to a high loan limits depending on the customer's creditworthiness and the ability to make early loan repayments.

Mobiconnect loan interest rate is low and at competitive rates.

Mobiconnect loan app download

You can download mobiconnect loan app from Google play store,from Apple app store or from trusted online APK file sources and create your account.

Pay mobiconnect loans 

Loan payment is done from within the app as described during loan application and approval.

Mobiconnect loan customer care contacts

You can get help from mobiconnect team from within the app by initiating a chat. At the moment however, there is no mobiconnect phone numbers and email addresses.



  1. Ineed loan for bussness

  2. Why should I pay 90/-

    1. I have just received an SMS through my phone today asking me if I can need a loan. Following the procedure,i was asked to send 90/= .Is it genuine or is it scum?

    2. I have received message saying I should pay 93ksh first is it true?

    3. Why does it have transaction cost

  3. I have paid and am not getting

  4. I have paid and there's no reply

  5. Hey can i get the loan


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