Mobiten business loans in Kenya

Mobiten business loans is a loan facility available to borrowers in Kenya meant to help traders improve and grow their businesses. 

Why mobiten loans? The lender is best for people doing business because the company specializes in helping that sector in Kenya. In addition the loans come with some financial advices to help customers benefit huge.

Mobiten loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loans from Mobi ten ranges from small business loan amount to large loan amounts depending on the borrower's business and ability to repay the money.

Mobiten loans interest rate is low. This is because the target customers are people who really need the help to grow.

Mobiten loans app download

You can download mobiten loans app from Google play store and create your account before applying for loans.

To apply for loans make sure you have a business or at least a business idea.

Mobiten business loans customer care contacts

Communication is done from within the customer's account. At the moment there's no mobiten mobile phone numbers and email addresses.


  1. Laid ksh 96 and can't access any loan,is it a scam?

  2. Collecting loan facilitation fee, but not actually disbursing any loan. Scam.

  3. After paying kshs 96, nothing happens.

  4. paid ksh94 but never got this loan facility! From the instructions, it's said the charge is refundable but where to ask for refund is not known! Should I conclude this is a scam

  5. It is abig scam

  6. How long does it take to disburse the loan, cause I have just paid 90ksh and nothing is happening


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