Insta mob loans

Insta mob is a loan lending platform which provides fast and affordable online loans to borrowers in Kenya.

Loans from insta mob are disbursed instantly hence the name 'insta' while 'mob' represent mobile. 

Insta mob is therefore a loan service provided instantly via mobile phone devices to borrowers who actually qualify.

Insta mob loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loans from insta mob ranges from high amount to low amount. This will all depend upon the customer's ability to make loan repayment on time.

Insta mob loan interest rate is low and this is because the target customers are middle and low income people.

Insta mob loan app APK download

You can download insta mob loan app from Google play store or from trusted online APK file sources and create your account.

Customers are encouraged to pay loans earlier in order to increase chances of getting higher loan limits in future.

Pay insta mob loans 

Payment is done when loan is due as described during loan application and loan approval process. 

Insta mob loan customer care contacts

Communication is done via the customer's insta mob loan account. At the moment there is no mobile phone numbers and email addresses.


  1. I paid processing fee but am yet to receive any this a con game????

    1. I also paid a fee of ksh.97 thinking i was processing a loan. No loan application option is forthcoming.

    2. This process is not actually true nothing is happening at all

    3. Hawa watu si wameniibia pesa yangu... atregistration fee

  2. I really don't know what is going on here because you are asked to pay a refundable application fee but after that nothing happens. In my observation, this is a con game. Period!

  3. I have paid fee and yet I don't have loan

  4. Based to the above comments and or experiences,am not going to be their casualty in line,bye byee

  5. what is going here?who will help us about this con ?i was about to apply but the comments have broken my heart completely let me suffer with my poverty

  6. wueh😂ma-comments pekee ishachafua rada,, mfuko izidi kutoboka can't risk

  7. This is a cone game surely

  8. 😂 these niggaz wanaitisha dooh ati ndo wakupee loan na safaricom bila adabu wanakuambia ulipe

  9. It's a con company, I paid processing fee and nothing was disbursed.


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