Wezago mobile phones on loan

Wezago mobile phones on loan is a credit service which enables customers to get mobile smartphones and pay later.

The loans are accessible via Wezago website, where a customer can register and check if he or she can get a mobile device on loan.

Wezago logo
Wezago Logo

How to apply for Wezago phones on loan 

Interested people can go to wezago website, sign up and the apply as follows below; 

  • Log in to Wezago website
  • Choose the smartphone device you want to get on credit
  • Select on those marked ' Buy on Credit '
  • Pay the required deposit
  • Select if you'll want the device delivered to where you are or you'll pick it up from wezago stores.
  • Receive the smartphone device
  • Pay the rest in instalments as you use the phone

Wezago phones on loan 

Wezago has a wide variety of mobile phones from trusted popular brands including Samsung,Oppo, Xiaomi, Redmi ,Realms, Tecno,Nokia, Poco, Vivo, Neon and Infinix.

You can always see the real phones on wezago website sorted by brand and price.

Wezago customer care contacts

Here are Wezago phone numbers and email addresses; 

0700 75 75 94



  1. Qashmaster is fraudulent etinity that corns people money from ksh80-300 I'm the name of disbursing the loan therafter
    Don't dare use qashmaster or Deot business


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