Slice loan app APK download

Slice loan app is a fast and affordable mobile money lending platform which provides loans to borrowers in India.

In addition to providing loans, Slice is a payment app and provides credit cards too.

Slice loans details

Does slice app give loan? Many individuals agave been asking this question. Actually the answer is yes. Slice give loans in India up to 5lakh. 

Slice loan approval is quick and depend on the customer's transaction history or simply how active the customer have been on the app.

Customers who have been using slice app to make payments for example using the slice credit card have a chance of being offered a loan.

How to apply for slice loans 

To apply for loans you must download slice app from Google play store or from Apple app store or from trusted APK file online sources and create your account.

Customers then log in to slice app and apply for loans by selecting 'borrow' button. 

Slice loan app logo
Slice App Logo

Slice loan app download 

You can download slice loan app from Google play store and create your account, transact to increase your chances of getting a slice loan.

Pay slice loans 

Payment is done from within the app. Slice loan payment duration can go up to 12 months. 

Customers who pay within less than a month are not charged any slice loan interest rate ( interest rate is zero (0).

Slice Loan App Reviews

Is slice loan app legit? Slice is a legit lender. On Google play store slice has a review rating of 3.9/5 stars by over 425,000 customers. 

Slice loan customer care contacts 

Slice phone numbers and email addresses: 

+91 8048329999


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