Boxer Motorcycle Loan in Kenya - Top Lenders List

Boxer Motorcycle loan in Kenya is a loan facility which helps borrowers get motorbikes known here as boda boda on credit and pay later in installments.

On average a new boda boda bike in Kenya can cost sh.100,000 but with a boxer motorcycle loan facility, a customer can pay a deposit as low as sh.10,000 then pay the remaining amount in daily, weekly or monthly installments. 

Installment can be as low as sh.200 per day, sh.1400 per week or sh. 6000 per month. 

It is also possible to get a second hand motorcycle loan from the same lenders who provide the new boda boda motorcycles on credit.

Where can I get a boxer motorcycle loan in Kenya? There are many places where one can get a bike loan in Kenya. The list start with major commercial banks, microfinance banks, Saccos and credit-only institutions but for the purpose of this article I'll be listing companies purely dedicated to providing boda boda motorcycle loans in Kenya.

Boda boda motorcycles
Boda Motorcycles , Image Credits: Mogo

Boxer Motorcycle Loans Kenya 

Before proceeding far, why boxer? Boxer is one of the most used motorbike for the boda boda business. For this reason, all boda boda loans were referred to as boxer motorcycle loans. 

Here are the companies which provide motorbike loans in Kenya 

Watu Africa 

Formerly Watu Credit,Watu Africa is the most widespread motorcycle loan provider in Kenya. 

A person can go to any nearest watu Africa office and apply for a boxer loan and if approved, the bike is given on the spot. 

A customer will then start riding the bike for either commercial or personal services.


This is another widespread nationwide boxer motorcycle loan in Kenya. Borrowers who wish to get a motorcycle loan can visit any nearest Mogo office, apply for bike financing and if approved,he or she can ride away instantly.

The borrower will then be expected to pay the installments as agreed, either daily, weekly or monthly. 


This is only boxer motorcycle loan lender in Kenya which will not ask for an initial deposit.

At JoyInc, a customer will apply for the bike loan and if approved,he or she will ride away with boda right away and then pay the whole loan in instalments either daily, weekly or monthly.


Bike Lending Services (BLS) is also another boxer motorcycle loans lender in Nairobi. The terms are almost the same as Mogo and Watu Africa.

A customer when approved will be asked to pay the deposit, ride away with the bike but pay the rest of loan in installments.


Maxyhonda mainly deals with Honda brand of Motorcycles. A customer can still get a bike on loan by paying the deposit and then pay the remaining amount in instalments as he or she already uses the bike. 


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