Mogo Smartphone loans - how to apply today

Mogo Smartphone loans is a loan facility which enables customers to get Smartphones by paying a deposit then clear the remaining amount in equal weekly installments. 

This means an individual is able to get a smartphone and start using it right away even before the full payment is made.

Mogo Smartphone loans are available to people who are above the age of 23 years and have been using M-Pesa for more than six (6) months.

Mogo Smartphone loans

How to apply for Mogo Smartphone loans 

Go to Mogo website and apply online. If approved, choose the type of phone you wish to buy in instalments, then visit the nearest Mogo branch to collect the smartphone device.

Mogo Smartphone brands 

Currently the available smartphone brands which one can get via Mogo Smartphone loans are Samsung and Nokia.

Mogo Smartphone loan deposits and installments 

The initial deposit for a mogo smartphone loan is up to Sh12,000 and the highest weekly installment is Sh1,350. 

All these depend on the Smartphone device the customer has selected to buy on credit from Mogo. 

Other Mogo loans 

In addition to smartphone loans, Mogo also provide logbook loans, car loans (asset finance), boda boda loans, 


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