13 best instant mobile loans apps in Zambia

Loan apps give instant loans and in this article am giving the 15 best mobile loan apps in Zambia.

What people should know is that, Mobile loan apps in Zambia are becoming popular with a new app launching almost each month in order to give borrowers access to fast and affordable loans via their smartphones. 

Without writing much, am going straight to the list of the best and legit instant mobile loans in Zambia accessible via mobile apps led by hiloans, Amber Cash, Little Cash Cash and zam cashm loans; 

15 Best loan apps in Zambia

1. Hi Loans 

The most popular is hiloans Zambia. To get loans you can download hi loans app from Google play store and create your account.

You can log in to hi loans account, apply for loans or pay outstanding loan balances.
Hi loans app logo
Hi loan app logo

2. AmberCash loans 

AmberCash is among the popular loan apps in Zambia. To get loans you must download AmberCash loan app from Google play store and create your account.

When you get a loan, remember to pay earlier to have your loan limit increased during the next loan application.
AmberCash loan app logo
AmberCash loan app logo

3. ZamCash loans 

ZamCash is now hi loans. It's still giving out loans for those who still us either app.

4. Little cash loans 

Little cash loan app is available on Google play store. One can download it and apply for quick loans in Zambia.
Little cash loan app logo
Little cash loan app logo

Other instant mobile loans in Zambia include; 
5. Zoona mobile money loans
6. Zaza loans 
7. Ceec loans Zambia
8. Kumbi loans Zambia
9. Tonse loans Zambia 
10. Lupiya loans Zambia 
11. Unifi loans 
12. Yoco loans 
13. Flexiloans 


Mobile loans have become the most reliable sources of emergency loans, where Zambian citizens can get help to sort out financial emergencies.

With this ever growing list of loan apps we expect mobile loans to be even more affordable in the future due to increased competition among the companies involved.

It's always worthy and advisable to get an instant loan in Zambia whenever you get into financial emergencies.


  1. Hiloan and Amber Cash are frauds,they can't be trusted

    1. Thanks for sharing your view on these apps. Kindly mention the loan apps which actually give out loans in Zambia.


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