Family Bank Loan App APK Download

Family Bank loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

Many people ask does family bank have an app? Don't worry because this article is going to answer that question.

Actually Family bank does have an app. People would like to call it family bank loan app but it's is actually known as PesaPap App.

Family Bank loan app and PesaPap loan app

The two are the same app. In fact there is nothing like family bank app it's called PesaPap App. 

PesaPap is the family bank mobile banking app. 

PesaPap App logo
PesaPap App Logo

Download family bank loan app

To get loans and other family bank services on your mobile phone all you need to do is to download PesaPap App from Google play store or Apple app store and connect your family bank accounts.

Family Bank loan app details

In order to get all the details about family bank mobile banking app you will need to check PesaPap App.

I have an elaborate article about this actually and I think you should see it. The article will help you with PesaPap details including the app download, paybill number, contacts and USSD code*325#.


It should therefore be noted that, there is no such a thing like family bank app. It's actually known as PesaPap App


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