Smedan loan app APK download

Smedan loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable business loans to borrowers in Nigeria.

The loans are meant to help small scale and medium enterprises to grow and become profitable in Nigeria by accessing the much needed funds from Smedan. 

What's Smedan? 

Smedan means Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency in Nigeria. It's a government initiative to promote small business growth in the country.
Smedan logo
Smedan logo

Smedan loan app download

Smedan loan app is only meant to provide information about smedan loans and more. 

It looks like it's not an official smedan loan app. You can still download smedan loan app from Google play store and try it.

Smedan loans in Nigeria 

Borrowers can get loans for different business reasons. In addition Smedan provide grants.

Smedan/CBN loan and smedan/ sterling bank loans are the most popular partners.

How to apply for Smedan loans 

In order to get the information necessary for one to get started with smedan loans you can go to smedan website.

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