Hazina Sacco loan form and how to apply

Hazina Sacco loans are available to members who need financial assistance to achieve whatever goal they're interested in. 

The Sacco is a registered and regulated Chama in Kenya.

Hazina Sacco loans 

There are two Hazina Sacco loan groups. Fosa and Bosa loans.

How to apply for Hazina Sacco loans? To get loans members need to fill in the Hazina Sacco loan application form and submit to the office for consideration.

Here are the loans from Hazina Sacco; 

Hazina Bosa loans 

Maximum Bosa loan limit for individuals is sh. 30 million. The maximum is however, sh. 40 million for groups (Chama) .

Bosa loan repayment duration is from 12 months to a maximum of 84 months.

Back office savings activity loans include; 

  • Normal development loan
  • Top up normal development loan
  • School fees and college fees loans
  • Super loan
  • Emergency loan
  • Top up Emergency loan
  • Hisa loan
  • Daraja loan
  • Tech loan
  • Jibu loan
  • Chama loan

Hazina Fosa loans 

Fosa loan limits can go up to sh. 600,000. The repayment duration is up to 48 months.

Front office savings activity loans include; 
  • Karibu loan
  • HSF Special Advance loan
  • HSF Okoa Advance loan 
Hazina Sacco logo
Hazina Sacco logo

How can I get Hazina loan

All you need to apply for a Hazina loan is a copy of your ID,most recent two months payslip and a collateral or guarantor.

How to pay Hazina Sacco loans 

How do I pay my Hazina Sacco loans? To pay via M-PESA, you can use Hazina Sacco paybill number 850436 and use your ID number plus FLA code for flash advance loans. 

Flash advance loan is a mobile money service accessible via Hazina Sacco USSD code*850# 

How to check Hazina Sacco account balance

How do I check my Hazina Sacco account balance? For members,to check your account balance just dial *850# or download Hazina Sacco app from Google play store.

You can also visit Hazina Sacco office to get your account balance. 

Hazina Sacco online forms 

You can ask for the following forms from Hazina Sacco; 
  • Hazina Sacco mobile banking form
  • Hazina Sacco loan form
  • Hazina Sacco benevolent form
  • Hazina Sacco ATM application form
  • Hazina Sacco shares increase form

Hazina Sacco customer care contacts 

To get help, use the following Hazina Sacco mobile phone numbers; 

Landline: 020-2719098 / 020-2722106 /020-2428634
FOSA mobile phone numbers: 0727 086 480
Loans mobile phone number: 0712 149 631

Hazina office Physical Location: Kibera Road Off Ngong Road, Behind Shell Petrol Station


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