Talanta Hela Loan App APK Download

Talanta Hela Loans App is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and really affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya.

The product, Talanta Hela is a loan facility by the Government of Kenya created and soon to be launched, to help enhance talent creation, enhancement and growth.

Talanta Hela Loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loan limits will be discussed later after the service will be launched and functional.

Talanta Hela interest rate will also be available once the product is ready.

Talanta Hela Loan App Download

You will be able to download talanta hela loan app when the app will be available on Google play store or as a mini app within major known money apps.

Pay Talanta Hela Loans

Payment details and terms including loan payment duration will be communicated during the product launch too.

Talanta Hela Loans customer care contacts

The service contacts will be available here once talanta hela will be in operation.



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