Pochi la biashara loans

Pochi la biashara loans is something many Kenyans have been asking about off a while now. I therefore decided to come up with an article purely dedicated to the topic pochi la biashara loans in Kenya to small traders.

But what's pochi la biashara? It's an M-Pesa service which was created to help small traders who can't own a till number to collect payments from customers via M-PESA.

Customers can opt in pochi la biashara by dialling short used code *334# and select pochi la biashara.
Pochi la biashara logo
Pochi la biashara logo

How can I get loans from pochi la biashara? 

People have been asking this question too. But Why? I think it's because Safaricom have been coming up with credit services every now and then for example Fuliza, M-Shwari and KCB M-Pesa.

Being a separate account, Kenyans expect pochi la biashara to have its own kind of Fuliza, maybe.

But is there anything like pochi la biashara loan? Unfortunately not. Safaricom have not yet launched any loan services specifically for pochi la biashara customers.

It however possible to have such a loan in future. Safaricom already launched bloom finance, which is a loan service to businesses having a till number.

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