10+ Loan apps without BVN in Nigeria on iPhone and Android

Do we have loan apps without bvn in Nigeria? Is BVN always required to get loan from apps online? Many have been asking this type of questions and fortunately I have the answers. Just continue reading below.

What's a BVN 

BVN in full means Bank Verification Number. Commonly referred to as BVN number it's a unique number assigned to a customer to help a Bank get the customer's personal details with easy in a process known as Know Your Customer (KYC).

Introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) , BVN is also a security feature which help customers transact securely.

BVN Loans

In Nigeria many lenders will ask for a BVN before a customer can apply for any loan facility. 

It is in fact a mandatory action for commercial banks in Nigeria to assign BVN numbers to their customers. 

In this regard, loans from commercial banks offer BVN loans only. This means your BVN will be crucial in accessing loans from banks in Nigeria.

Loans without BVN number 

Actually there are loans a borrower can get without a BVN number in Nigeria and it works. 

For the purpose of this article, am going to give a list of the loan categories which a customer can get without using a BVN.

Typically,loans without BVN are provided by lenders other than regulated commercial banks.

Some of the lenders am talking about include; loan apps, microfinance institutions, Shylocks (Pawn Shops), credit only lenders among others.

Loan apps without BVN 

Loan apps are the major lenders who don't ask for BVN numbers to give out loans. 

These loan apps are for both iPhones (iOS) and Android smartphone users.

In Nigeria, the loan apps which can offer loans without BVN include; 

1. Starloan app

The lender gives loans ranging from ₦1,0000 ~ ₦300,000.
Starloan payment term is 60 days to 120 days
The interest rate is 10% to 30% per year.

To get loans from starloan, go to play store and create your account.

2. YesCredit loan app 

Loans range from N5,000 to N50,000. 
Yes Credit interest rate is from 4.5% to 35% per year.

To get loans download YesCredit loan app 

3. Kiakia loan app 

Loan limits ranges from N10,000 and N100,000,000. 
Kiakia P2P interest rate is maximum 180% APR per year.
To access loans download kiakia loan app

4. Easy Money Loan App 

Loans ranges from Naira 1,500 to Naira 80,000 
To get loans download Easy Money Loan App

5. 9Credit loan app

The maximum loan amount is N100,000. 9Credit loans interest rate is low.
Download 9Credit loan app to start accessing loans.

6. XCash online loan app

XCash online loan app logo

Loans range from ₦10,000 to ₦50,000
To get loans download XCash online loan app

7. Lendigo loan app 

Loans range from N100,000 to N1,000,000
To access loans download lendigo loan app

8. Umba loan app 

One of the popular loan apps in Nigeria.
To start accessing loans download umba loan app 

9. GOCASH loan app 

This is one of the oldest loan apps in Nigeria.
Download GOCASH loan app to start accessing loans.

10. Lucky loan app 

Loan limits ranges from NGN 3000 to NGN 500,000.
To get loans download lucky loan app 

Loan apps without bvn list is extremely long. Most of these apps are found on Google play store and on online APK file websites. 

Other loan apps worth trying to access loans in Nigeria include; 
  • Carbon loan app
  • Okash loan app
  • Branch loan app
  • FairMoney loan app 
  • Myntyn loan app
  • ALAT
  • QuickBucks 
  • Page Financials
  • Specta
  • LetsGo loan app

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