Kopesha_Ent USSD Loan

Kopesha Ent loan is a fast mobile personal loan facility available to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

The lender (Kopesha Ent) is owned and managed by OMOKA.

The loan is accessible via a USSD code send to Kenyans via SMS.

Kopesha Loan - Interest Rates,Loan Limits 

The loan limits range from ksh 1,000 to a maximum of Ksh 15,000. After a loan is approved, the money will be sent to the borrower's M-Pesa account.

Kopesha Ent USSD code

How can I get Kopesha Ent loan? Application is done via kopesha_ent USSD code*453*200#. 

Many Kenyans me included , have received SMS from Kopesha_ent with information about the loan.

Here is a screenshot of the Kopesha Ent loan messages; 
Kopesha Ent screenshot

Kopesha Ent loan Review - Is it Legit or Real? 

I tried Kopesha Ent and this is what I can say; 
As a typical Kenyan I don't pay any fees to take a loan especially online. This is because am not sure if the loan will be truly disbursed or not.

Kopesha Ent asks for a ksh 99 fee for processing a loan of ksh 1,000. I never paid this. I therefore do not know if kopesha Ent actually gives out the loans as claimed. 

Is it Legit or Real? I don't know. 

Here are screenshots of the registration process, application process and processing fee payment to imarisha times , account; PATA HELA; 



  1. The kopesha *453*200# app is fake fraudelent and allowed to be so by Telecos since non admit its part of their system.. Stay away.. No one can prove to have received cash fron them yet they had details of customers from Telecos.. Advice the people.. INK

    1. wondering.......is it legit?????

  2. *453 *200# is fake money grabbing app allowed by Telecos

  3. How long it takes to came

  4. It is a scam.Stay away

  5. This is advantage :this is because eny body can squire loan every were and also it minimises time


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