Ithemba loans reviews - is it legit

Ithemba loans are a type of loan facility given to grant beneficiaries in South Africa.

Ithemba loan - Interest rate, Loan limits

The loan amounts ranges from R100 to a maximum of R500 disbursed directly to the borrower's bank account.

Ithemba loans interest rate is low.

How to apply for ithemba loans

All you need is a mobile phone device. You apply ithemba loans by SMS and approval is within 24 hours.

The goo thing about ithemba loans is that the approval rate is high. Almost all who are in needy can get loans from ithemba.

Pay ithemba loans

Payment of ithemba loans is done after 3 months. Loan repayment is done via SMS or ithemba office.

Ithemba loan for SASSA 

One of the target group is people who are having Sassa grants. The beneficiaries can apply and get approved easily.

Ithemba Affinity Loans

This is a special type of ithemba loans.

Ithemba loans reviews

The lender has positive comments on various social media platforms and forums. For this reason, ithemba seems to be a good fast cash lender.

I'll give ithemba a 3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Ithemba is therefore a legit lender in regards to the reasons provided above.

Ithemba loans USSD code

Currently there is no ithemba loans USSD code. You can use the SMS number below.

Ithemba loans balance check

You can again check your ithemba loan balance via SMS number show below.

Ithemba loans SMS, WhatsApp and Contact numbers 

WhatsApp; 0790189545 
SMS ; 0790189545 
Call; 0861477930

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