Hoopla Loans Reviews - Is it Legit?

Hoopla loans is a money lending platform which will help a borrower get a loan instantly online from approved and licensed lenders in South Africa. 

But ,is it legit or real? Does hoopla loans cover people with bad credit? And what's the requirements? 

I have all the answers to all of the above hoopla loans questions and more. Just continue reading this article which is dedicated to only Hoopla Loans in South Africa.

Hoopla Loan Features

Loans from hoopla range from ZAR 100 to a maximum of ZAR 250,000. There are three categories of the loans one can apply on hoopla website and these are;

1. Hoopla Payday loans 

These are loans borrowed for emergencies. Payment is done after salary payment. The loan limits are between ZAR 100 and ZAR 8,000

2. Hoopla Personal loans

These are loans taken for personal use. Loan limits ranges from ZAR 8001 to ZAR 20,000

3. Hoopla Long Term loans

The loans in this category are for long term use with longer payment periods. Loan limits range from ZAR 20,001 to ZAR 250,000.
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Hoopla loans requirements

The loans are available to any South African citizen with a national identification document. Hoopla loans are available even to CRB blacklisted individuals.

Is Hoopla Loans Legit 

Yes. Hoopla loans is a legit company. Hoopla works with National Credit Regulator (NCR) licensed lenders to provide the loans.

Hoopla Loans Reviews

It's now time to review hoopla loans. The company is working with NCR licensed lenders which is good. 

Hoopla has a 4 out of 5 stars rating from existing customers. This means hoopla is good for fast online loans.

Hoopla Loans login and online application

All hoopla loan applications are done online. Before a customer can apply for loans he or she must login to hoopla loans online account.

Loan approval is fast. It takes only 4 minutes to get loans approved from hoopla.

Loan approval rate is also high. Why? Because hoopla has a vast array of lenders making it almost impossible to miss a loan.

Hoopla Loans complaints

Just like any other company, some customers might not be satisfied for one or two reasons. But Hoopla seems to be doing fine regarding all the positive reviews available online.

Hoopla Loans Contact Details

To get help from hoopla customer care, use the contact information below; 



  1. Am applying For a loan in Hooplas loans, I would like to know this email address a received is oficial. (hooplaloans45@gmail.com) ?


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