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Azimio fund loan app APK download

Azimio fund loan app is a mobile money lending platform which provides fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-PESA.

Azimio fund loans - interest rate, loan limits

The loan limits ranges low amount for first time applicants to a high amount for repeat customers.

Azimio loan interest rate is low.

Azimio loan app download

To access loans you must download azimio loan app from Google play store and create your account.

Each customer will be awarded a loan limit before applying for the loan.

Pay Azimio loans 

Payment is done from within the app via M-Pesa Xpress without using azimio paybill number.

Azimio loan customer care contacts

Communication is done from within the app. At the moment there is no Azimio loan mobile phone numbers and email addresses.


  1. Its starting when?

  2. How do I dial and get azimia fund loan

    1. Which digits can I dial to get that loan

    2. Is there another process to register instead of installing the App?

  3. How do I dail and get azimio fund

  4. Doesn't seem like it works

  5. N kama hii n scum haileti bana

  6. What about if you don't have smart phone?

  7. I doubt if this fund thing is real! It would have be all over the news

  8. how long does it take for loan disbursements, after depositing the amount they ask for crb check' they told you to wait for 30min, now its 2days still processing.

  9. Azimio "chief" members are busy collecting money via the paybill pretending they lend "poor" kenyan. Wa kwende uko wezi... #hustlerfund tosha.


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