Kashfirm loan app APK download

Kashfirm is a money lending platform which provides affordable and secure loans to borrowers.

Kashfirm loans 

The lender provide loans to qualified individuals depending on the creditworthiness of the applicant.

Kashfirm interest rate is low always.

Kashfirm loan app download

If you're looking to download kashfirm app ,it's unfortunate because at the moment there's no such an app.

Pay Kashfirm loans 

Loan payment agreement is reached at during the loan disbursement time. Loan repayment duration is therefore varied depending on the customer and and loan amount taken.

Large loans attract a longer repayment duration while small loans will definitely be paid in a short time. 

Kashfirm customer care contacts 

At the moment we don't have kashfirm contacts. We'll share the same here once available.


  1. I have paid some money in kashfirm loan account and yet I haven't received any amount so far

    1. Hello,the same to me, I was sent for a message that I'm qualifying for a loan,I applied and also paid for required amount for application and yet not received the loan please, the office responsible to react because this will make us advice friends to apply the loan

  2. I have paid some money as requested and I have not received any money from them, please check on that and be punctual

  3. Kashfirm are scammers please don't try it

    1. Waah! All comments negative. I better not risk!😂😂

  4. I can't risk. Frauders wamezidi hii Kenya❌❌❌❌❌🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  5. Wah hati itachukuwa 7 to 14 days ndio nipewe loan and imagine nimeshalipa hiyo fee

  6. Same to me..we pay money to get nothing..scammers kabisaa

  7. same applies to me ..way are you taking people maney for nothing


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