Jazz Cash, Telenor Emergency,Ufone Advance Loans - Which is the best - Ultimate Comparison

Which loan is better among Jazz USSD, Ufone USSD and Telenor USSD mobile loans in Pakistan. Continue reading because we're about to provide all the details including USSD codes, amounts/ limits and charges for the above fast loans.

As mentioned above,in this article we're going to compare Jazz Cash Advance loan, Telenor Emergency loan and Ufone UAdvance loans but first we'll have a look at each loan individually as shown below;

Telenor Emergency USSD code loan 

Telenor logo

The loan is available to Telenor customers. The application process is simple and involves using Telenor USSD code.

To get a Telenor Emergency loan dial USSD code *0# . Your balance must be below RS 15 . This is available to prepaid customers only. It is popularly known as Telenor Emergency Load  and this is because it's meant to load airtime to your SIM card.

Telenor loan amount is Rs 15. The amount is instantly sent to your Telenor number ready to be used. 

Jazz Cash USSD code loan

Jazz logo

The loan amount is Rs 15 and is available to prepaid customers with a balance less than Rs 100.

To apply for Jazz Cash loan dial USSD code*112# . The loan will be provided within four (4) hours after making an application.

Ufone USSD code loan 

Ufone logo

The loan amount is Rs 20 and is available to customers whose balance is Rs 20 or any amount below. 

To apply for Ufone UAdvance loan dial USSD code *456# 

The loan is available to Ufone subscribers (customers).

Conclusion - Which is the Best? 

You should know be aware of the popular mobile loan in Pakistan which are Jazz Cash loan, Telenor Emergency loan and Ufone UAdvance loan, but which is the best when compared? 

No much talk anymore. It's now time to give our verdict on this topic of mobile telco loans in Pakistan and the results are found below; 

Ufone UAdvance loan is the best. We love big loans and Ufone is doing exactly that by giving a higher loan amount compared to Jazz and Telenor.

Here is a full comparison table of similar loans to Ufone UAdvance.

Telco Mobile Loans USSD Code Loan Amount Minimum Balance
Jazz Cash loan *112# Rs 15 Rs 100
Telenor loan *0# Rs 20 Rs 20
Ufone loan *456# Rs 15 Rs 15

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