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Frame Up loans is an affordable, sometimes interest free loan facility meant to help customers get bike financing from Frame Up Bikes. 

Frame Up Loans - Interest rates, Loan limits 

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Bike loan amounts depend on the bike chooses by the customer. An expensive bike will mean a customer is taking a large loan while a cheap bike will mean the customer is taking a small loan.

Frame Up Bikes interest rate is 29.99% APR. Customers who pay within 12 months or upfront spending $299 or more via Freedom to Ride Card from the stores get interest free financing.

How to apply for Frame Up Bike loans

Loan application is done from Frame Up Bikes website. Anyone can check if pre-qualified via the website.

Frame Up loans app download

You can't download frame up loan app because it is not available. Once created customers will access the service via the app.

Pay Frame Up Bike Loans

Payment is done from a frame up store or via the frame up bikes website. As earlier said, anyone who pays within 12 months or upfront spending more than $299 using Freedom to Ride Card will not be charged any interest. 

Freedom To Ride Card

Frame Up freedom to ride card is an easy and convenient way to get frame up bike financing which can be getting bike parts, accessories or a whole new bike.

Is Frame Up Bikes financing legit

Financing is done by Synchrony a legit company used by Amazon and even Trek.

Frame Up Bikes Customer care contacts

Frame Up location

181 Mayhew Way, Ste. D
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Frame Up Mail Address

181 Mayhew Way, Ste. D
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

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