Equity Eazzy Simu Loan

Eazzy Simu Loan is an Equity Bank loan product which enables customers get mobile phone devices and pay later in instalments.

Eazzy Simu Loan features - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

The loan amount depend on the type of mobile phone device selected. An expensive phone will attract a high price hence a large loan amount.

Eazzy Simu interest rate is zero. The loan principal borrowed is exactly what a customer will pay back.

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How to apply for Eazzy Simu loan 

The loan is available to Equity Bank customer via the equitel SIM kit or via Eazzy App.

In all the two ways, select either ' smartphone loan' or 'Request loan' and proceed to apply.

How to pay Eazzy Simu Loan 

Payment is made within 30 days (1month) to 180 days (6 months). Eazzy Simu loan repayment is done from the equitel SIM toolkit or via the Equity Eazzy App.

Eazzy Simu loan Smartphones 

Customers taking Eazzy Simu loan can choose from a variety of phone makes and brands including Itel, Nokia, Samsung, Infinix , Tecno, Huawei among others.

The smartphone devices can be collected from approved dealers but applicant's don't have to worry because the phone collection information will be available when the loan is approved.

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