Asap loan app APK download

Asap loan app is a mobile money lending platform which gives secure, timely and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya via M-Pesa.

Asap loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits

Loans range from sh. 500 to a maximum of sh. 8,000 given to the most qualified customer disbursed directly and instantly via M-PESA.

Asap interest is 18% per year.

Download Asap loan app 

To get loans from the lender you'll have to download Asap loan app from Google play store and create your account. 

After successful account creation,the lender will give you a loan limit after which you can apply for the loan.

How long does Asap loan take to approve 

It take only ten minutes to approve an asap loan. It's that fast.

Pay Asap loan 

Loan payment I'd done after 91 days minimum and 365 days as the maximum tenure. 

Borrowers pay via M-Pesa Xpress within the app without using Asap loan paybill number.

Asap loan USSD code 

Currently there is no asap loan USSD code. Customers will be using the app to get services.

Asap loan customer care number

 020 7903179


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