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Zidisha loan app is a money lending platform which enables business owners to raise money in a move to grow their businesses. Its basically a crowdfunding platform. The app is owned by Zidisha.org  but managed by Julia Kurnia.

The app is available to members only. One can join by visiting Zidisha website.
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Zidisha loans - Interest Rates, Loan Limits 

The loans range from KES 1,000 to KES 1million. This money is gained by members contributions upon loan request is raised by another member hence Zidisha is known as a crowdfunding platform.

Zidisha interest rate is  a maximum ApR 197%. This includes a 5% service fee and  8% pay it forward contribution fee. 

Other fees include a KES 1,000 membership fee for new members. Members invited by existing members don't pay this fee.

Zidisha loan app APK download 

You can download Zidisha app from Google play store is you're an existing member. New members must sign up from the main website.

Zidisha loan payment 

Loan repayment is flexible but the maximum repayment duration is from 62 days to 180 days. 

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