zenka loan application form online free download

Zenka loan application form is found online within the app and it's for free to customers who wish to apply for instant mobile loans disbursed via M-Pesa.
Zenka loan app logo
Zenka loan app logo

Many readers have been asking for ways to get zenka loan application forms. For the purpose of answering the question,I have decided to come up with this article to help my blog readers understand more about zenka.

Zenka loan application form

I will be mentioning where the zenka application form is found or available ,is it for a cost or for free and how to use it. 

Zenka - the  lender is one of the best mobile loan apps operating in Kenya. In fact it's a good money lender for any first time applicant. Why? It is because Zenka gives free loans to all first time loan applicants.

How is zenka loan application done? In order to start accessing cheap loans from this mobile lender you'll have to download zenka loan app then create your account by filling in a form from within the app.

After successful completing your account creation, you'll now be ready to apply for a loan. Once you select 'apply for a loan' you'll now be presented with a free zenka loan application form

Zenka loans and interest 

The micro-lender provides loan amounts to ranging from Sh. 500 to Sh. 30,000 and this amount is disbursed directly to the approved applicant's M-Pesa account.

Loan application is done from within the app via the zenka loan application form which is free. It's not a form you can download anywhere like the conventional loan application forms from commercial banks.

Zenka interest rate is from 9% to 39% . In addition there's a loan processing fee which ranges from Sh. 45 to Sh. 5800 .

By now you've known something about the zenka application form which is available for free to all customers found within the app. 

Now for anyone interested in trying zenka and it's loan services,the link below will get you started on how to access the loans and other details including USSD code,paybill number and Zenka contacts.




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