Tala loan application form online for today Kenya

Tala loan application form online is what the customer will fill in during the loan application process. It's a one time form which will enable Tala know more about your financial situation. 
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Tala loan application form on Kenya

While within the app, you'll be presented with a loan application form once you select apply for a loan. As already mentioned above its going to be a one time application form.

For this reason,the form is presented to only first time applicants. Once the loan applied for is approved, you'll not have to fill in the Tala form again.

However, if your Tala loan first application is disapproved, you may be forced to take another online Tala loan application form filling in process.

It should be noted that the form is not a physical one .it is neither found in the Tala offices where you can go an fill to apply for a loan. It's an online form.

You cannot not access the form without the Tala app. This form is available within the app. You'll therefore be forced to download Tala loan app from Google play store before accessing the form even today.

About Tala and Loans 

The mobile loans lender have been providing fast and affordable loans via M-PESA to customers in Kenya with the fastest turnaround time of 5 minutes.

Loans range from a minimum of sh. 500 to a maximum of sh. 30,000 disbursed instantly and directly to the borrower's M-Pesa account.

Today, Tala has grown it's customer based to over 2 million active customers and over 10 million app downloads on Google play store.


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