Tala loan app download for iPhone

Tala loan app download - is it possible to download the app from Apple App store and install in to an iPhone? Continue reading because I have the answer in this article.
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Tala loans 

The lender gives loans to smartphone users via the tala app which is downloadable. 

The loan amount is a maximum of sh. 30,000 . This kind of money is given to the most qualified and most probably the customers who have been using the service for years. 

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How to get loans from Tala

Tala loan app download 

It is a must to have the app before you can access loans from Tala mobile. But is the app available to IPhone users? 

When the service was launched, majority of the emerging markets had and is still having extremely few iPhone users including Kenya where Tala was introduced first.

Instead,many used to and still go for the affordable android smartphones and for this reason,Tala chose to create an android smartphone app as opposed to an iPhone app.

To answer the question whether it's possible to download tala on an IPhone,I will say no it's not possible. 

Sorry you can't use Tala loan app 

At the moment,if you own an iPhone you won't be able to get Tala loan app financial services - affordable loans via M-Pesa.

But is it possible to get any smartphone loans via an iPhone? Yes, it possible. Read the article below; 


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