Rockwing loan app APK download (Rockwing Credit Limited Kenya)

Rockwing loan app is a mobile money lending app which gives fast and affordable loans to borrowers via M-PESA. 

In the loan apps market, Rockwing Credit company is trading as much loan app.
Much loan app (Rockwing loan app) logo

Rockwing Credit Limited Kenya

I mentioned earlier, much loan is the name used by Rockwing loan app. The registered name is however Rockwing Credit Limited Kenya.

Rockwing loans 

The loan amounts from this lender ranges from sh. 1,200 to sh. 100,000 and the interest rate is APR 24% . In addition the lender charges a service fee of between 2% and 8%. 

Rockwing loan app download

In order to start accessing loans from this lender you'll have to download roc wing  loans app.

Check here to download much loan app (Rockwing loan app).

Rockwing loan contact number

The Rockwing Kenya contact are listed below;


  1. Rockwing, could you get your house together and stop spamming my inbox, I am not your debt collector and you need to be reported for cyber bullying, if you didn't contact me to ask if I have approved to be listed as a loan guarantor why are you contacting me mow...useless business

  2. get your things together stop calling me all the time regarding a defaulter i dont even know if you never called me to sign a s a guarantor please dont call me with all sorts of numbers threatening me i dont have any loan with you people and dont remember signing anywhere as a guarantor for anyone .If you continue ill sue tou for cyber bulling.

  3. Stop this nonsense of calling and messaging me cz i cant remember sighning any paper as a guarantor. Deal with ua debtors without including me

  4. i am saddened by the fact this useless lender are threatening me because of a loan they gave someone. i was not consulted by the time they were giving out the loan. why are they threatening me now???


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