Mkopo - meaning and examples in Kenya

Mkopo is a Swahili word meaning 'loan'. In plural the word changes to mikopo which means 'loans' in English. 

Swahili also known as Kiswahili is a widely spoken language in the East African region. In Tanzania for example Swahili is the National Official language. Kiswahili is the second official language in Kenya after English.

Loan is a popular word in any language due to its importance. For this reason the Swahili word mkopo is popular.

I have an English version of this article which you can also check below; 

Mkopo meaning

Mkopo in Kenya 

In Kenya there are a wide variety of loan facilities and types. If we're going to use the words mkopo and mikopo ,the list below will serve as some of the loan examples; 
  • Mikopo ya biashara (business loans) 
  • Mikopo ya simu/rununu ( mobile loans)
  • Mikopo ya boda boda ( motorbike loans) 
  • Mikopo ya magari ( car/vehicle loans) 
  • Mikopo ya ukulima ( agriloans )
  • Mkopo wa riba ( interest loan)
  • Mikopo ya waislamu ( Shari'ah loans) 
Being the widely used word, some lenders have actually used mkopo in coming up with brand names. These Include; 
  1. Mkopo Haraka
  2. Mkopo Rahisi (Tala) 
  3. Mkopo Chap chap

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