M-Kopa Phones on Loan

M-Kopa Phones on loan are available to customers to use from day one on successful application approval and include big brand names for example Samsung,Tecno, Huawei and Nokia.
M-Kopa Phones on loan

M-Kopa Phones on loan

As earlier said the mobile phone brans are big names - Nokia and Samsung.
The Mkopa phones available right now are ; 
  • Samsung A03 core
  • Samsung A10s
  • Samsung A21s
  • Nokia 2.4

How do I get an M-Kopa Phone on loan 

Visit any nearest Mkopa branch, agent or get help from an M-Kopa field officer. The application process is simple - provide you National ID and must have a Safaricom line. 

The good thing is that anyone can apply even if blacklisted on CRB .

How much is the deposit and installment for phone on loan 

The amount - both deposit and daily instalments - depends on the type of phone selected. An expensive phone will have a higher deposit and installment amount.

On average, mkopa phones daily instalment is around ksh 60. Installment pay can also be done weekly or monthly depending on which is suitable to the customer. 

M-Kopa Phones on loan alternatives 

Similar to Mkopa phones on loan service providers in Kenya include; 

Disadvantages of M-Kopa Phones on loan 

  • They're overpriced 
  • Can't use upon failure to pay instalments

Other Mkopa Loans 

The solar company has other financial products and these include ;

M-Kopa Contacts

To get help you can use Mkopa Contacts below;
0707 333 222



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