Kashnap loan app APK download

Kashnap loan app is mobile money lending platform which gives fast and affordable loans to borrowers in Kenya.

Kashnap loans 

The app provide loans ranging from KES 5,000 to KES 100,000 disbursed instantly and directly to the applicant's M-PESA account. 

Kashnap interest rate is maximum APR 106% per year.

Note: According to some comments and reviews on Google play store and social media,the app looks like it's a scam. 

Kindly as always remember not to pay any fees to get loans online.

Kashnap loan app APK download 

You can download kashnap loan app from Google play and start accessing loans.

Pay kashnap loans 

Payment is done after a maximum of 62 days depending on the loan amount taken. 

Kashnap loan payment is done from within the app.

Kashnap loan customer care contacts 

Kashnap loan app doesn't have phone numbers at the moment.

Communication is done from within the app.


  1. I sent you sh95 where is my loan

  2. I pay you 95 where is my loan you guys

    1. where is my loan i paid 95 shillings ????

  3. I paid. You 95 where is my loan

  4. It's scam send you 95 and didn't get the loan

  5. Pay 95 where is my loan

  6. This is daylight theft.These are just conmen & women.Guys, don't try them.

  7. I paid 200sh each loan and never got any loan back what the hell is this….. biggest scam I swear

  8. I have applied my emergency loan and waiting

  9. My loan please


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