How to Apply Tala Loan Without App

How can one apply for Tala loan without the app? Tala loans used to be available even without the loan app but not anymore. To get mobile money loans from the lender you'll need the app.

Tala is the first loan app to bring mobile lending services in Kenya and probably in the whole world in the year 2014. 

We used to have M-Shwari which is also a mobile credit service provider but never and still has no app. 
Tala loan app logo
Tala loan app logo

How can I borrow from Tala without the app 

You can not get a Tala loan without the app. Loans are only available via the app.

To get started,one must download Tala loan app, create an account and then fill in the Tala loan online form to apply. 

In fact the app is the only recommended communication between the lender and the customer. 

Lending decision is achieved after the app collects enough information about the customer. Don't be worried, Tala promises not to misuse you data for example by sharing with third parties.

It's therefore not possible to apply for Tala loan manually by visiting offices or without a smartphone. 

How can I use Tala by SMS 

Tala has an SMS number which is 21991 but it's meant for communication purposes only.

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Tala loan application form online is another thing some customers ask if it's another way to get loans from the lender without the app. 

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Tala in brief 

Is the first mobile loan app which gives loans via M-PESA in Kenya and other countries. 

Tala loans range from sh. 500 to a maximum of sh. 30,000 and is disbursed instantly within 5 minutes after loan application.




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